Welcome To The New Site!

Sai here! Author and artist of Tides. It’s back!

I’m starting back up again after a year of long stupid troubles I won’t get into with a new site and renovated pages. That’s right, to make up for the long wait I’m uploading the print versions of issues 1-4 to the web version. On top of that issue 1 has been double-revamped.

I’ve switched from Comic Press to Comic Easel for this re-launch of the webcomic. Unfortunately this change over means the comments from the old site are going to be lost. So feel free to leave all NEW comments and your suggestions for the site on this post.

After I’m done re-uploading the comic Issue 7 will begin. I have done some work on it, and I’ve upgraded to Manga Studio 5!

Stay tuned kids, welcome back and thanks for reading!


EDIT: Just a side note, I’m having trouble getting the site to stop holding every single comment for moderation at the moment, but don’t let that discourage you from commenting! I’ll be keeping on top of the comments held in moderation.

6 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Site!

  1. Too bad I liked this comic and I am sad to see you are “restarting” it.
    A restart means one of two things; either the comic was bought, or stolen, by someone so that they have something to put between the adverts, and the new owner lacks the skill or desire to complete the comic; or the original artist is a REVISER (shudder) and they spend forever improving the comic rather than ever finishing it. Either way a restart is the death of a comic. This makes me sad. I think there should be a “dead comic” web page where once a comic artist abandons doing new pages the characters and plot can be freely folded into a continuing story. But that would take tremendous story writing skill. Tying up all the lose plot ends and resolving all the casts lives … not an easy thing to do!

    1. I think you might be misunderstanding a few things here. Since I’ve switched from using Comic Press to using Comic Easel, two completely different content management systems, I need to re-upload the comic anyway. So because of that I decided to use the pages that were only seen in the print versions before (I’ve always fixed up the art a bit for print) and I’ve been changing the watermark, getting rid of the paper filter I used to use, and saving them as PNGs instead of JPEGs which will make them higher quality. I had started improving the art of issue 1 again for a possible paperback release in the future, and decided to finish that work for the switch over.

      Considering my deviantART and saisasylum.com redirect here I can assure you this comic wasn’t stolen, or bought, I’m the original artist/author. The thing is this has always been the project of just me, working solo, and I’ve just been on a hiatus due to some real life family issues I’m not going to go into.

      I’ve already got some pages of Issue 7 finished, but I need to re-upload Issues 1-6 due to the aforementioned CMS change. I just didn’t want to wait any longer to break my silence.

      ^_^ Make sense?

  2. Glad to this on a new site! I rarely went to the old one since my malware/virus scanner always said there was something on it so a new site is great! I love that you’re re-uploading higher quality files too. Gives me a good excuse to go back and read from the beginning :) Thank you for working hard on the comic and loading it onto a new website.

  3. Glad to see you’re back. Sorry you had issues to deal with and hope they worked out for the best, but it’s completely understandable that there are other things in life that need your attention. The only thing I’m really sad to see with the change is that our old comments (some of which were just as entertaining as the comic itself) are lost. But, that just makes room for new ones. I look forward to seeing the new chapter(s).

  4. I love your story! If it is published into a book, I’ll be sure and get it! Also, got any advice for a manga-ka wannabe? I’m writing a comic too, but I have no idea how to go about getting it out to people…

    1. I do have a few issues available, but a volume print will be done eventually. I guess my advice is don’t make excuses not to start and just start. Drawing ability isn’t as important as story-telling ability.

      In fact, even though I prefer the way Eastern comics are done I’ve learned alot from sources like Scott McCloud’s books.

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