Tides Cast


An elf of unknown origin with a penchant for mischief and swindling whose care-free attitude may belie a greater depth.


A high-strung archer from the desert lands she is cagey on the subject of why she's traveling so far from home. Pragmatic and taciturn she's clearly honed a number of skills that's allowed her to survive on her own.


A small child born of magic who was created in a mysterious ancient ritual. He appears to develop quickly, already picking up both speech and spellcasting.


A simple and sheltered young man whose had trouble finding his place in the world due to his secret nature. He makes up for his naiveté with his affable, domestic demeanor.


A powerful human wizard who has extended his life through his magical talents. It was he who performed the ritual that created Galen after untold years of preparation. He seems to have past ties with Terith.


A powerful mage under Ambrose's tutelage. Though he has a general disdain for humans he appears to greatly respect his teacher. His studies have helped him develop a unique spellcasting system using complex magic formulas carved into small tablets.