6 thoughts on “Chapter 9 Page 6 & 7

  1. Ahah, I’ve found the comic again. One day I went to see if there were any new comments and my bookmark didn’t work. So I typed in the URL and that didn’t work. I have searched since that day. But alas, now I have found it again. Huzzah!

  2. Kittika (thinking): “So if I’m a woman, and he’s a man, I guess this still makes him the pervert even though I’m walking in on him…Akane Tendo was not the right source for etiquette advice.”

  3. Eeh…! I’ve been away too long, and when I come back… *Drool.* Serves a purpose or not, it’s still fan service, and OMG, Terith’s got a nice backside! ^_^ <3 Glad to see this comic is still up and running.

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